Maïenga, sports event agency

About Maïenga

Maïenga is a French company that has created and organized unique sporting events since 1990.
With its experience, it designs its events on the originality of its concepts and brings together a community of enthusiasts who share the same values.

Recognized for the quality of its events, it is the only agency in the world to offer adventures certified to ISO 14001: 2015 environmental standard.

Choosing Maïenga means enriching yourself with an incomparable experience.


In losing their points of reference, the Gazelles discover their true values

Competitors have the freedom to choose their own route: that is the underlying principle of this adventure. The concept of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is unique: to win, teams must drive the shortest distance.

Gazelles have to reach a series of checkpoints in the least number of kilometres, rather than in the least amount of time. They can choose to drive around a mountain or cross over it, drive through the dunes or avoid them…

For each leg of the competition they receive a Road Book which provides only the geographic coordinates or headings and distances of the day’s checkpoints and finish line. As the use of GPS is strictly prohibited, they must use compasses, navigational plotters and 1:100,000-scale maps to plot their route and plan their itinerary.

A 100% off-road rally

Each day the teams are spread over 5 routes to prevent them from following each other, which is strictly prohibited. The competition begins at dawn, with successive starts every two minutes, for an average day of 10-13 hours of driving. The rankings are established by adding the teams’ extra kilometres (difference between actual distance driven and the “crow flies” distance) and the penalties earned (converted into kilometres) for any checkpoints they fail to reach.

The Rallye des Gazelles takes place entirely off-road, along a course that is redesigned each year.

Maïenga and the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles have been officially certified ISO 14001 since 2010




An adventure of challenges

The Bab el Raid is a challenge-based adventure rally that takes place in France, Spain and Morocco. Open to all, it was created with the objective of offering a different sort of event with a friendly atmosphere and an innovative concept.

Organized in partnership with Sup de Co La Rochelle, the Bab el Raid combines adventure competition with a humanitarian cause through Green Day, a participatory action that consists of planting hundreds of date palms in Morocco with the help of the local community.

A rally for everyone

Students, workers and retirees alike take part in the Bab el Raid to discover the arid trails of the Moroccan desert at the wheel of their two-wheel-drive cars, through a roadbook-based competition, fun challenges and unforgettable exchanges with the local populations.

A rally marked by challenges and unforgettable experiences

Your mission:to retain as many points as possible to be declared the winner.

  • Regularity Challenges
    Regularity Challenges by car, based on navigation. With just your road book to help you, you have to find a series of CPs (Checkpoints) and reach the finish line in the ideal time specified by the organizer.

  • Bab Challenges
    Tough Bab Challenges are carried out on foot, calling on your sense of direction, strategy and competitiveness!

  • Desert Challenges
    Desert Challenges may be culinary, cultural or artistic in nature; persistence will be required to avoid penalizing your team!

  • Banco Challenges
    Banco Challenges: the only way to regain points for your team and upset the rankings! You will need a good dose of skill, concentration and daring to stand out.




An off-road rally for mixed teams

The Gam Rally Raid is an off-road rally, accessible to all, with 2 vehicle classes: 4×4 and QUAD/SSV. Teams are made up of two men (MEN’S team) or one man and one woman (MIXED team).

This international competition takes place over 8 days in southern Morocco.
The concept is one of a kind: a navigation rally using maps and compasses, without GPS, for a new vision of motorsport: no speed, no stopwatch, just a return to the roots of Adventure.

Discover the pleasure of an adventure without speed, using maps, a compass, a ruler, geographic coordinates and your wits to reach a series of checkpoints set up along predefined off-road routes.
Method, precision, daring, courage, sharing, endurance, perseverance: these are the qualities you will need to win, by reaching a series of checkpoints in the shortest possible distance.

The rankings in each vehicle class (4×4 or QUAD/SSV) are established by adding the teams’ extra kilometres (difference between actual distance driven and the “crow flies” distance) and the penalties earned (converted into kilometres) for any checkpoints they fail to reach and calls for mechanical assistance.

Our concept: 100% original

This competition concept, developed and registered by Maïenga, is the same as that used in the iconic Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.

  • A competition based on navigation, not speed

  • Free to choose their own route, competitors must study the map and the day’s geographical coordinates, analyze the risks and difficulties of the terrain and choose the shortest possible path.

  • They can choose to drive around a mountain or cross over it, drive through the dunes or avoid them.




Cœur de Gazelles non-profit organization

Since 2001, Cœur de Gazelles has brought together a team of men and women dedicated to providing services and support in the areas of health, the environment, job training and creation, and education.

Our actions are built around the logistics and human resources of the different Maïenga sports events taking place in Morocco: the Bab El Raid, the Cap Femina Aventure, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Marocand theGazelles and Men Rally.

We are dedicated to helping others, and could use your help… If you feel the “Heart of a Gazelle” beating within you, please don’t hesitate to support Cœur de Gazelles and follow our Cœur de Gazelles Facebook page!